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Conceptual Premise : The field of human simulation is just now appearing to emerge as a recognizable focus area which requires further, deeper definition and exploration. This will be accomplished through a new,  non-profit humanitarian oriented organization called the "Persona Foundation" who's goal is: "Furthering Initiatives in Human Simulation".

Our experience in the field has shown us that SIGGRAPH, SIGCHI, Virtual Humans, and various other related conferences / events focus nonexclusively on the goals we have defined above. Many scientists and experts are detached from the policy makers, funding resources, other educators and commercial initiatives. Their interests and explorations are diluted by the lack of coherency that too many events with wider agendas do not adequately serve.

We wish is to create an open community of participants working in the field and to invite others to join our efforts to advance human interest in using advanced, leading-edge simulation tools and concepts for the greater good of all humankind. This will be promoted through the annual "Persona" conference, a publication (not yet named), an extensive internet information repository / community ( ), traveling lecture series, research / demonstration laboratories, etc...

Major Goals will be:

  1. Address the multi faceted nature of human simulation by exploring the benefits of this life transforming field and what it means to our evolution as a civilization.
  2. Researching the various other initiatives under way that address human simulation related activities and initiatives.
  3. Create a transcendent atmosphere where people's need to simulate, reflect, transmit and imagine themselves through the conduit of technology is raised to our highest order of consciousness.
  4. Categorize and commune all people who will, or should, play a role in achieving the goal to create a better, safer, more equal world for all.

Specific Focus areas will be:

How this will be accomplished:

Several boards of directors / advisors, including: technical, creative, management, educational, advisory boards that will:

Establish a viable and accurate public position where the Persona Foundation could advance it's issues, education, demonstrations and consensual philosophy in an open, honest, and interactive forum.

Develop the structure for this organization, plan our first conference, prepare proposals to potential sponsors, foundations and seek investment to grow our presence, membership and begin the information archive, to create the publication, develop the lecture series and put together a lab.

Create a permanent facility to perform research, develop educational programs, innovate and direct prototype development, stimulate collaboration with other organizations / inventors and support sabbatical retreat-like activity. This campus will have a goal to combine the physical aesthetics of nature, a relaxed atmosphere and reasonable isolation with proximity to a megalopolis.

Who :

Gregory Peter Panos  is a leading strategic futurist, visionary, writer, planning consultant, conference / event producer, educator,  and evangelist in Human Simulation, Motion Capture, Performance Animation, 3D Character Animation and user interaction on the Internet, Virtual Reality, and the Enhancement of user experience.  Greg has worked with NASA / Rockwell using real-time simulation to visualize the Space Station, and with organizations in the CGI / VisFX industry for motion pictures / TV, Virtual Reality, Virtual Actors and Performance Animation.

Greg created the "Persona Foundation" to further initiatives in human simulation, Co-Founded the "Performance Animation Society", was twice chair and twice co-chair of SIGGRAPH-(Los Angeles Chapter), and authored  the "Virtual Reality Sourcebook". Greg is known for his exciting presentations and demonstrations illustrating the relevancy of technology in enhancing the future of our civilization.

With expertise in VR, Experiential Simulation. Human Motion (Performance) Capture, 3D Object Scanning, Internet 3D and Entertainment technology Greg has created community and collaboration in these fascinating areas and enthusiastically demonstrates state-of-the-art developments that are emerging all around us.

Reference information:

Using Virtual Reality to Document Human Existence


Contact Information:

Gregory Panos,  Creator


Persona Foundation

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